Cinematic Storytellers. Die Hard Event Fans.

What does it mean to love experiences and events? It means that every concert, conference, award show, wedding, birthday party, and the like excite you. Not because of the end result, but because what happens behind the scenes is just as enthralling.

EMG works with event and experience designers from around the world, capturing their events and creating gorgeous visuals that bring that event to life.

What is EventsTV?

Events Television Network is the first online and streaming network dedicated to the events industry. The events industry adds more than $1 trillion into the global economy and creates more than 2.5 million jobs each year. EventsTV pulls back the curtain on this impactful industry showing viewers how everyday events and extraordinary experiences are created.

Through a variety of programming aimed at educating and entertaining the general public, EventsTV serves as an online and streaming hub where viewers can find engaging and exciting content that celebrates group dining, travel, event design, planning, and event technology.

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