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Online event production that generates offline engagement like in-person events.

Virtual Production

EMG offers fully managed broadcast-quality virtual productions. Our talented and experienced team manages your tech from pre-event to post without event organizers having to learn new software or spend hours in training.

We use the best in live-streaming, conferencing, video, and television technology, not just webinar tech to create beautiful broadcasts. Our team meets with you to review your event plan and determine your goals. From there, we develop a production plan that matches your vision. Finally, our virtual teams execute your production plan with our full technology stack unseen in the background.

Each individual event is tailored to your needs and is fully customizable.  Our experienced professionals meet with you to determine your goals and develop a production plan that matches your vision. From large conferences with multiple speakers and sessions to interactive events where attendees can connect, we pair the right technology to create your desired outcome.  


  • Our tech team will manage the various connection points for speakers and attendees ensuring that all of your technology works seamlessly

  • We rehearse your technology before your event and manage run-throughs with all of your speakers

  • One or more technicians, in addition to our Virtual Event Manager, will be with you live, online to support you​​ throughout your event.

Online Workshop
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Video On-Demand

Nothing can compare to Broadcast Quality Video Content by EMG’s team of industry-leading professionals.


Build your marketing arsenal with video-on-demand.​ Whether developing content for your digital library or rebroadcasting your live event, video is the most powerful tool to communicate your message.

Integrate dynamic presentations, digital photography, on-screen animation, live feeds, and recorded footage post-event to enhance your content. When attendees aren't able to attend a live webcast, recording content or providing content on-demand can boost your SEO rankings, increase customer engagement, and become a lead funnel.

In addition to content creation and content delivery, our custom video player can be housed on your website to keep customers coming back for more. Branded with your own logo and colors, your custom video player keeps content on your brand website so visitors aren't searching Youtube or Facebook. Simply adding a video on your landing page can reduce the bounce rate on your site by an average 34%.

On-Site Filming or Hybrid Events

We take the highest precautions to film safely and with social distancing if requested. Our highly professional team uses masks, gloves, face shields, goggles, booties, and two-way radios​ to keep you safe. Following CDC guidelines, in-person shoots are limited to a small crew and events that require masks and social distancing.​​

Our full-service 4K video productions include:

  • Concept development

  • Storyboarding

  • Scripting

  • Editing

  • Professional voiceover

  • National professional crew

​Additionally, hybrid events can be broadcast from our Atlanta studio or one of many coworking centers around the country. We partner with a variety of clean, disinfected spaces that follow our strict social distancing and masking guidelines.

Our Process
We meet with your team to understand your event, your goals, and develop a production plan that matches the details of your event plan.
We map out the necessary software, hardware, recording days, editing days, live event parameters, and provide a production schedule so we can get moving.
We connect to you with our state-of-the-art virtual production equipment, audio, and the best conferencing software to capture all of your content.
Your dedicated production team will be on-hand, behind the scenes managing all of the technology so that you, your speakers, and audiences feel supported.
We use music, graphics, animation, and live-video all together to re-broadcast your live event for video-on-demand on our custom, embeddable video player.
Gain actionable insights during and after your event. We provide you with detailed viewership, engagement, and conversion reporting delivered right to your inbox.
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